Rudolf Chope R&D Award

Established: in 2008
 To recognize distinguished research and development accomplishment in quantum and industrial electronics and for industrial electrical engineering. 


Administration:Administered by the IES’ Awards and Honor Committee (IES A&H Cmte). 
Eligibility: IES members. 
Prize: Consists of $1,000 and Certificate(s). Multiple authors will divide the prize. Awarded bi-annually, beginning 2008 and every even year afterwards. 
Funding: The IEEE Foundation delegates expenditure authority from the Rudolf Chope Award Fund to IES to spend against the fund.
Award Committee: IES A&H Cmte serves as the Award Committee.
Nominee Solicitation: The IES A&H Cmte asks for nominations from IES members. 
Basis for Judging: The prize individual will be selected by the Award Committee for his distinguished R&D achievement in industrial and/or quantum electronics. The selection will be reviewed by the IES A&H Cmte and be approved by the IES Adcom. 
Presentation: At a major international conference of the Society.
Schedule: Nomination period: March-May of each even year. Presentation time: Sept.-Nov. of each even year, at a major international conference of the Society.
Publicity: The announcement of award nomination will be published in the Industrial Electronics Magazine. Then, an article regarding the award will be published a later issue of the Industrial Electronics Magazine.

Award Recipients

  • 2008 - None (not sufficient fund)
  • 2009 - None (not sufficient fund)
  • 2010 - Dr. Shu Yuen Ron Hui
  • 2011 - None (not sufficient fund)
  • 2012 - None (not sufficient fund)
  • 2013 - None (not sufficient fund)
  • 2014 - None (not sufficient fund)
  • 2015 - None (not sufficient fund)
  • 2016 - None (not sufficient fund)