Industry Forum 2014

Industry Forum is a successful IES program integrating the Industry Forum sessions with IEEE IES sponsored conferences and offering a path for the industry to present to conference attendees on terms industry must address on a regular basis.

We have an exciting program for Industry Forum Series for 2014 that are elaborated below for you to understand your possible interests and engagements. The speakers from industry discuss product and technology directions, challenges, and other industry issues with the creation, application, and manufacturing of products using Industrial Electronics Technologies and necessary computational, communications, and security infrastructures needed for these technologies.  Speakers are expected to focus their presentations on the interests of the technical audience but there is no written publication.  Industry speakers who are not authors are guests to the conference and all its events.  Depending on the number of speakers, each presentation is 20-30 minutes and there is no publication at the conference.  However, our speakers may publish a suitable article in the Industrial Electronics Magazine in the Industry Forum section.  

The Industry Forum program offers benefits to both the conference attendees and the industry speakers as well as their companies.  Companies explain practical challenges they encounter in technologies and products utilizing Industrial Electronics areas, attendees who are commonly from academia and industry research, have the opportunity to scope research areas that may interest them and be valued by industry.   Cooperation between research and industry often results with this exchange. In addition, exhibit space, as well as other recognition is available to sponsors of the associated conference with the Industry Forum.

Most conferences also look for exhibitors and/or sponsorship that we generally keep the number small please consider that as well.  This year we are exploring some optional presentation forum including traditional parallel sessions, panel sessions, and a new executive session where senior leaders present their visions of the directions and values in industrial electronics.


ICIT 2014

Busan, Korea, 26 February - 1 March 2014

Executive Industry Forum Panel


INDIN 2014

Porto Alegre, Brazil, 27-30 July 2014

Industry Forum Sessions on Automation, Embedded Systems for Oil and Gas, Transportation, Informatics and Security, Distributed Industrial Systems.



The IES Industry Forum is managed by the IEEE IES Industry Activities Committee (IAC).