IES and Technology Management Council

Contributed by Michael Condry

The IES  is a founding Member Society (one of 14) of the TMC, and has a voting representative on its Board of Governors. The TMC provides a critical opportunity to network with leaders from the other Member Societies in their common pursuit of the mission and goals of the TMC, and to explore additional ways for the Member Societies to interact with each other and discover programs to help sponsor society membership.

With a focus of technology management, all engineering disciplines including the topics of the IES need to understand and work with management requirements in order to operate within the business environment. This includes managers, engineers and researchers. As a council, TMC is focuses on the elements of technology management using the specific needs of industry in the supporting societies. In this manner, the mission and goals of the TMC can enhance the experiences, knowledge, and skillsets of IES members who now also are, by virtue of IES being a TMC Member Society, members of their local TMC Chapter.

Opportunities to network will exist at societal conferences, as well. Anyone with interest in the management of technology, management principles in general, or who is a technical professional responsible for technology management, or is striving to become a manager, should have interest in what the TMC has to offer.  Corporate individual contributors will also benefit from tutorials on how to best survive in industry where employee responsibilities will require contributions to planning, budget and reviews in addition to quality technology design and development.

IES members may want to consider getting a subscription to the TMC publications. The Transactions on Engineering Management is more research-oriented, and the very popular Engineering Management Review (EMR) is a compilation of papers reprinted from the most respected Engineering and Technology Management journals in the world, as selected by its editorial board. The EMR is targeted more for the practicing professional. TMC has conferences that are attracting business needs of its society members and the TMC is developing programs such as tutorials and distinguished speakers that can be used within society conferences such as IECON and ISIE.

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Michael Condry is a senior IES AdCom member and represents IES on the IEEE Technology Management Council (TMC).  Michael also chairs the IES Industry Forum series and Standards Technical Committee for the IES.