Standing Committees 2020-2021

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  • This page lists appointments other than Technical Committees (Standing and AdHoc Committees, as well as representatives).
  • Ex-officio members of Standing and AdHoc committees are defined by Operations Manual.
  • The President is an ex-officio member of every committee.


Awards and Honors Committee (2019)

John Hung‐ Chair

Mo-Yuen Chow 

Luis Gomes 

Leila Parsa

Marcelo Simoes

Marco Liserre

Marcian Cirstea 

Kiyoshi Ohishi



Awards and Honors Committee (5-7 members)

John Hung‐ Chair

Luis Gomes (2019-2020)

Marcelo Simoes (2019-2020)

Marco Liserre (2019-2020)

Kiyoshi Ohishi (2019-2020)

Hiromasa Haneda (2020-2021)

Elena Breaz (2020-2021)



Chapter & Joint Chapter Program

Yousef Ibrahim ‐ Chair

Kim Fung Tsang (2019-2020)

Antonio Luque (2020-2021)

Eric Monmasson (2020-2021)

Leila Parsa (2020-2021)

William Dai 2020-2021)

Hong Li (2020-2021)

Maria Valla (2020-2021)

Toshiyuki Murakami (2020-2021)

Sheldon Williamson (2020-2021)



Conferences Committee 

VP Conference Activity - Chair (Juan JoseRodriguez‐Andina)

VP Workshop Activities - Co-Chair (Kiyoshi Ohishi)

President-Elect (Mariusz Malinowski)

Vice-President for Technical Activities (Roberto Oboe)

Vice-President for Membership Activities (Yousef Ibrahim)

Treasurer (Milos Manic)

Conference Financial Advisor (Peter Palensky)

WiC representative (Andres A. Nogueiras Melendez) 

Past VP Conference Activities (Yousef Ibrahim)

Past VP Workshop Activities (Antonio Luque)                     

R1-7, 9 (Leila Parsa) (2020-2021)

R8 (Valeriy Vyatkin) (2020-2021)

R10 (Mihoko Niitsuma) (2020-2021)



Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Lucia Lo Bello - Chair

Mariusz Malinowski (2020-2021)

John Hung (2020-2021)

Gerhard Hancke, Sr. (2020-2021)

Milos Manic (2019-2020)

Antonio Luque (2020-2021)

Makoto Iwasaki (2020-2021)



Fellows Committee 

Gerhard Hancke, Sr. - Chair 

Maria Valla  (2020-2021)

Victor Huang (2020-2021)

Armando Walter Colombo (2019-2020)

Jinhu Lu  (2020-2021)

Yang Shi  (2019-2020)

Gopakumar K (2020-2021)

Qing-Long Han (2020-2021)



Finance Committee 

Milos Manic - Chair

Kamal Al-Haddad (2020-2021)

Dietmar Bruckner (2020-2021)

Marcian Cirstea (2020-2021)

Mihoko Niitsuma (2020-2021)



Membership Development Committee

Yousef Ibrahim ‐ Chair

Hong Li (2020-2021)

Marcian Cirstea (2020-2021)

Joao Onofre Pereira Pinto 2020-2021)

Hideki Hashimoto (2020-2021)

Yang Shi (2020-2021)

Chandan Chakraborty (2020-2021)

Selyn Chen (2020-2021)



Nomination & Appointment Committee

Xinghuo Yu (Chair)

Gerhard Hancke Sr. (2019-2020)

K. Goparkumar (2019-2020)

Carlo Cecati (2019-2020)

Victor Huang (2019-2020)

Mo-Yuen Chow (2020-2021)

Stamatis Karnouskos (2020-2021)

Leila Parsa (2020-2021)

This committee was approved by AdCom in October 2019 per IES bylaws.



Planning & Development Committee

VP P&D - Chair (Makoto Iwasaki)

President-Elect (Mariusz Malinowski)

Three Past IES Presidents

     Leopoldo G. Franquelo (2020-2021)

      Okyay Kaynak (2019-2020)

      Gerard Capolino (2020-2021)

Lucia Lo Bello (2019-2020)



Publications Committee

VP for Publications, Chair (Thilo Sauter) 

President Elect (Mariusz Malinowski)

Treasurer (Milos Manic)

TIE EiC (Emil Levi)

TIE Co EiC (Haitham Abu-Rub)

TIE Co EiC (Makoto Iwasaki)

TIE Co EiC (Radu Bojoi)

TIE Co EiC (Yang Shi) 

TIE Co EiC (Huijun Gao)

TIE Co EiC (Marcelo Simoes) 

TII EiC (Ren Luo)

TII Co EiC (Gerhard Hancke)

TII Co EiC (Jinhu Lu)

JESTIE EiC (Chandan Chakraborty)


OJIES EiC (Leopoldo Franquelo)

IEM EiC (Peter Palensky)

IE Technology News EiC (Fei Gao)

TMECH (Roberto Oboe)

JMEMS (Giovanni Spagnuolo & Ridha Ben Mrad )

Juan Jose Rodriguez-Andina (2019-2020)

Zhenwei Cao (2020-2021)



Technical Activities Committee

Roberto Oboe ‐ Chair

Morgan Kiani (2020-2021)

Michael Condry (2019-2020)

Chandan Chakraborty (2020-2021)

Stamatis Karnouskos (2020-2021)

8 Cluster Delegates (2020)

23 Technical Committees Chairs



Web and Information Committee

Alexander Malinowski (Chair)

Andres Nogueiras (2019-2020)

Allen Chen (2020-2021

Juan JoseRodriguez‐Andina (2019-2020)

Antonio Luque Estepa (2019-2020)

Milos Manic (2019-2020)

Razvan‐loan Dinita (2020-2021)

Daswin de Silva (2020-2021)

Morgan Kiani (2020-2021)






Distinguished Lecturer Program

Dave Irwin ‐ Chair

Kamal Al –Haddad 

Joachim Holtz 

John Hung 

Yen-Shin Lai

Kouhei Ohnishi

Ya-Jun Pan



Fellow Nomination Advisory Committee 

Mo-yuen Chow - Chair

Marco Liserre 

Kim Man

Makoto Iwasaki

José Rodríguez Pérez

Maria Valla



Industry Activities Committee

Stamatis Karnouskos ‐ Chair

Michael Condry 

Dietmar Bruckner

Marc Perron

Armando Colombo

Victor Huang

Caroline Andersson

Thomas Strasser

Regina Roos



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