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IES Expense Reimbursement Procedure

Concur is here!

IConcur is hereEEE has introduced Concur, a new volunteer expense reimbursement platform. Concur has been introduced in a multi-phased rollout beginning in late 2018. However, due to travel restrictions during the recent pandemic, you may not have had a chance to get familiar with it yet. More information is available as follows:

If you already know how to create an expense report log in here.

If you have never done it before please scroll down.

What is REALLY good?

  • You can use Concur smartphone app to upload expenses as they occur (snap a photo), and the moment the last expense is recorded, submit your report for (much) faster reimbursement, read more here.
  • You can use Concur Travel to book your travel.  In fact, if your travel originates in the USA you must use this travel service per IEEE policies.

Things change, some expenses may not be approved if certain rules are not followed

  • Post-pandemic related fine-print from IEEE:
    • All IEEE volunteer travel and associated meetings must adhere to appropriate guidance from cognizant local public health authorities.
    • Volunteers engaged in IEEE travel at this time voluntarily elect to participate in the activity with knowledge of the dangers involved. Volunteers should understand that IEEE will not indemnify them for any health risk or economic or other loss resulting from exposure to COVID-19 during travel.
    • IEEE will not reimburse costs associated with mandatory or self-quarantine or isolation associated with IEEE volunteer travel. If there is a risk of quarantine on entering or departing an area, IEEE volunteers should instead plan to participate virtually using IEEE video and teleconferencing tools.

Never used it before? You need to create an account.

  • Feel like you need some training?
    • View a new platform overview, how to create Concur account, download an app, and contact Concur’s user support desk here.
    • View a brief informational video here or a comprehensive video tutorial here. Take training here. Learn more at
    • For general questions, contact IEEE’s project team at
  • To establish a Concur account, click on,-medical-and-insurance/ieee-expense-report,
    then follow the registration buttons on the right side of the screen
  • Once you request Concur access you must wait a period of 24 hours before your account becomes active.
  • Once the 24 hour period has elapsed, click the link here.
 More questions?
  • Please check out our FAQ page before contacting the finance committee.

Dr. Aleksander Malinowski, IES Treasurer