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Concur is here

Concur is here!

IEEE has introduced Concur, a new volunteer expense reimbursement platform. Concur is being introduced in a multi-phased rollout beginning in Q4 2018. More information is available as follows:

  • View new platform overview, how to create Concur account, download an app, and contact Concur’s user support desk here.
  • View a brief informational video here.
  • View a comprehensive video tutorial here.
  • Learn more about the Concur platform at
  • Take a training here.
  • For general questions, contact IEEE’s project team at
  • Login to Concur here
    • Due to the integration with IEEE's single sign-on network, a unique username and/or password is not needed for Concur. To establish a Concur account, click on,-medical-and-insurance/ieee-expense-report, then follow the registration buttons on the right side of the screen.  Once you request Concur access you must wait a period of 24 hours before your account becomes active.  Once the 24 hour period has elapsed, click the link below then select the orange login button. 

What is REALLY good?

  • You can use Concur smartphone app to upload expenses as they occur (snap a photo), and the moment the last expense is recorded, submit your report for (much) faster reimbursement, read more here.
  • You can use Concur Travel to book your travel online!

What is still the same?

IES Expense Reimbursement Procedure

  • If authorization for travel was not previously approved or part of previously budgeted activities, please obtain approval from IES President prior the travel or purchase (fill out the Travel Authorization Request Form).
  • If travel is part of existing budget line of specific committee, please obtain email from corresponding VP/Chair.
  • Submit your expense via Concur

 More questions?

  • Please check out our FAQ page before contacting finance committe.


Dr. Milos Manic, IES Treasurer

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