IEEE IES Best Chapter Award

Established in: 2007
Description: To recognize and appreciate IES chapter(s) that has/have demonstrated outstanding performance in organized technical activities relevant to IES fields of interest, and contributions to IES membership development in a particular calendar year.

Administration: The IEEE Industrial Electronics Society.
Eligibility: Only IES chapters, individual or joint, of which the Chapter Chairs are members of IES during the award period.
Prize: US$1,000 and certificate, plus reimbursement for IES-approved travel expenses by one chapter representative to receive the award, up to but not more than US$3,000. Also provided is membership-driven support up to but not more than US$1,000. In the case of multiple Chapters being awarded, the prize and travel reimbursements are to be shared.
Funding: The IEEE Industrial Electronics Society.
Presentation: At the IECON conference in the subsequent year.

To nominate someone, please find the information.

Award Recipients

  • 2007 - French Chapter and German Chapter, activities in 2006, presented at IECON2008 in Orlando.
  • 2008 - Singapore Chapter, activities in 2007 (late, not given out at IECON2008)
  • 2009 - Malaysia Chapter and French Chapter
  • 2010 - Poland Joint Chapter (IES/PELS), Spain Joint Chapter (IES/PELS)
  • 2013 - Czechoslovakia Section IA34/IE13 Joint Chapter
  • 2014 - German Chapter (IAS/PELS/IES)
  • 2015 - Milwaukee Chapter(IES/IAS)
  • 2016 - Poland Joint Chapter (IES/PELS)
  • 2017 - Hong Kong Joint Chapter (IES/PE/IA/PELS)
  • 2018 - Poland Joint IES/PEL chapter (IES/PELS)
  • 2019 - Austin Joint IES/IAS/PE/PELS chapter (IES/IAS/PE/PELS)
  • 2020 - Poland IES/PELS Jt.Chapter (IES/PELS)
  • 2021 - Western Australia IES Chapter
  • 2022 - Western Australia IES Chapter
  • 2023 - Egypt IES Chapter