Dr.-Ing. Eugene Mittelmann Achievement Award

Established: First presented as Achievement Award in 1975
Description: To recognize outstanding contributions to the field of Industrial Electronics.

Administration: Administered by the Industrial Electronics Society Awards and Honor Committee (IES A&H Committee).
Eligibility: Must be a member of IES.
Prize: US$6,000 and Certificate
Funding: Funded by IEEE Industrial Electronics Society.
Basis for Judging: May be given for a single major accomplishment or for a career of recognized achievements. The award is not necessarily given yearly: awarded only when suitable candidates can be identified.
Nominee Solicitation: The IES A&H Committee calls for nominations through the society's printed and electronic newsletter.
Presentation: This is the Industrial Electronics Society's major award and is awarded at the Society's major international conference.

To nominate someone, please use the following documents.

Award Recipients

1975 - Dr. Eugene Mittelmann
1976 - Joseph Keithley (Low Level Measurements)
1977 - None
1978 - Robert Mayer (Solid State Circuits)
1979 - Thomas Wilson (Induction Heating)
1980 - Spencer Bloor
1981 - None
1982 - E.S. McVey
1983 - Anthony Hornfeck
1984 - None
1985 - Prof. Dr. Ing. Werner Leonhard
1986 - Dr. Harry W. Mergler (presented at IECON'87)
1987 - None
1988 - Dr. Fumio Harishima (presented at IECON'88)
1989 - Dr. Gerald Cook (presented at IECON'89)
1990 - Dr. H. Troy Nagle, Jr. (presented at IECON'90)
1991 - Dr. J. David Irwin (presented at IECON'91)
1992 - None
1993 - Dr. Sotirios Vahaviolos (presented at IECON'93)
1994 - Dr. B. K. Bose (presented at IECON'94)
1995 - Dr. Joachim Holtz (presented at IECON'95)
1996 - Dr. R. C. Luo (presented at IECON'96)
1997 - Dr. Toshio Fukuda (presented at IECON'97)
1998 - None
1999 - Dr. Takamasa Hori
2000 - Dr. James C. Hung
2001 - Dr. Alfred C. Weaver (presented at IECON'01)
2002 - Dr. Rokuya Ishii (presented at IECON'02)
2003 - Dr. Ramu Krishnan (presented at IECON'03)
2004 - Dr. Kouhei Ohnishi (presented at IECON'04)
2005 - Dr. Marian P. Kazmierkowski (presented at IECON'05)
2006 - Dr. Giuseppe S. Buja
2007 - Dr. Md. Azisur Rahman (presented at IECON'07)
2008 - Dr. Gérard-André Capolino (presented at IECON'08)
2009 - Dr. Istvan Nagy (presented at IECON'09)
2010 - Dr. Bogdan Maciej Wilamowski (presented at IECON'10)
2011 - Dr. Okyay Kaynak (presented at IECON'11)
2012 - Dr. Leopoldo Garcia Franquelo (presented at IECON'12)
2013 - Dr. Xinghuo Yu (presented at IECON'13)
2014 - Dr. Kamal Al-Haddad (presented at IECON 2014)
2015 - Dr. Jose R. Rodriguez (presented at IECON2015)
2016 - None
2018 - Marco Liserre, Citation: For the development of power electronic systems for distributed generation and power quality improvement
2019 - K. Gopakumar, Citation: For contributions to the development of new topologies and the control of multilevel inverters for drives
2020 - Mo-Yuen Chow, Citation: For substantial technical contributions and leadership in Industrial Electronics technologies
2021 - Carlo Cecati. Citation: Contributions in the area of industrial electronics
2022 - Huijun Gao. Citation: For outstanding contributions to advanced control theory and industrial applications
2023 - Yang Shi, Citation: For outstanding contributions to networked and distributed control, model predictive control, industrial cyber-physical systems and mechatronics applications.