Administrative Committee Voting Members - 2023

See year 2022 slots


Until December 2023

Gabor Sziebig (by appointment) Toshiyuki Murakami (by appointment)
Hiroshi Fujimoto (by election) Akshay Rathore (by election)
Marina Indri (by election) Carmen Aracil (by appointment)
Paulo Leitao  (by appointment)

Until December 2024

Makoto Iwasaki (by appointment) Mihoko Niitsuma (by election)
Hadi Kanaan (by appointment) Peter Palensky (by election)
Jinhua She (by appointment) Ya-Jun Pan (by election)
Emil Levi (by election)

Until December 2025

Bruno Allard (by appointment) Giampaolo Buticchi (by election)
Yasutaka Fujimoto (by appointment) Jan Haase (by election)
Roberto Oboe (by appointment) Sheldon Williamson (by election)
Chenguang (Charlie) Yang (by election)
All Senior/Life AdCom members 

Ex-officio voting members of IES AdCom include the Officers, Junior Past President, and Senior Past President.

Junior Past President: Terry Martin
Senior Past President: Xinghuo Yu
Technical Committee Cluster Delegates (TCCD)
Senior and Life AdCom Cluster Delegates (SLCD)
Voting rights: Per IES Bylaws 
The IES AdCom is composed of 62 voting members and any number of non-voting members.

The sixty-two AdCom voting members shall consist of:
• 21 Elected and Appointed Members-at-Large
• 11 appointed Officers
• IES Junior and Senior Past Presidents (2 persons)
• 8 Technical Committee Cluster Delegates (TCCD)
• 20 Senior and Life AdCom Cluster Delegates (SLCD)

2.1.1 IES AdCom voting members must be IES members and this shall be verified before each AdCom meeting by the IES Secretary.
2.1.2 A quorum is defined as a majority of the voting members.
2.1.3 Proxy voting is not allowed.
2.1.4 Non-voting IES AdCom members include:
• Technical Committee Chairs
• Senior and Life AdCom Member honorees
• Editors-in-Chief
• Assistant-Treasurer
• Standing Committee Chairs
• AdHoc Committee Chairs
• IES Chapter or Joint Chapter Chairs
• IES liaison representatives
• IES AdCom special appointees
2.1.5 A person can hold at most one (1) voting AdCom position.