IES Representatives 2022

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 IES Representatives in Other Societies, Councils, Committees, and Initiatives



IEEE/ASME Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems 
Ridha Ben Mrad 
Stoyan Nihtianov

Journal on Photovoltaics
Giovanni Spagnuolo  
Transactions on Smart Grids
Peter Palensky
Transactions on Sustainable Energy
Akshay Rathore
IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics
Michael Ruderman
Hiroshi Fujimoto
Huijin Gao
IEEE History Committee
David Irwin
IEEE Women in Engineering (WIE)
Lucia Lo Bello
IEEE Student & Young Professionals (S&YP)
Marek Jasinski
IEEE Power Medal
Makoto Iwasaki
Maryam Saeedifard
IEEE Transportation Technology Field Award Committee
Maria I. Valla


Sister Societies (IAS, PE, PELS, DEIS)
Terry Martin


IEEE Transportation Electrification Community
Fei Gao
IEEE Smart Grid Community
Peter Palensky
Xinghuo Yu
IEEE Smart Village
Herbett Hess
Morgan Kiani 
SDEMPED Steering Committee
Thomas Wolbank


ICEM steering committee
Franck Betin
IEMDC Steering Committee
Herb Hess
Gerard Capolino
IEEE Internet of Things
Joern Ploennigs
Nanotechnology Council
Boby George
Yunjia Li
Sensors Council 
Armando Colombo
Ren Luo


Sensors Council (2019)
Okyay Kaynak
Armando Colombo 



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