IES Conferences Policies and Guidelines

The current version of the IES Conference Policies and Guidelines was approved at the IES AdCom meeting in June 2017. Here you may find all related documents.

Main documents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Bidding to organize an IES Conference / Operating Agreement with and reports from IES Conference Organizers
  3. Structure, Composition, and Appointment of Committees in IES Conferences
  4. Budgeting and Finances in IES Conferences
  5. IES Conference Management and Awareness
  6. Technical and Complementary Contents and Materials in IES Conferences
  7. Timeline of IES Majority Sponsored Conferences
  8. IES Technically Co‐Sponsored Conferences
  9. Miscellaneous Topics in IES Conferences

Appendices (all in a single file):

  1. Operating agreement with IES Majority Sponsored conference organizers
  2. Lists of current tracks in IECON, ISIE, and ICIT
  3. Timeline chart for IES Majority Sponsored conferences
  4. Post‐conference survey for IECON, ISIE, and ICIT participants.