Open invite to ALL IES members to join upcoming AdCom Meetings via Zoom Webinar

A message from IES President, Professor Milos Manic:

Dear IES Members, 

I cordially invite you to join the livestreamed Zoom webinar of the following IES AdCom meetings in May/June 2024:

Meeting 1: IES Town Hall "How to Engage with IES" - 25 May 2024 12:00 PM UTC (8:00 AM EDT) 
Meeting 2: IES AdCom Strategy Day - 16 June 2024 12:00 AM UTC (9:00 AM KST) 
Meeting 3: IES AdCom General Meeting - 17 June 2024 12:00 AM UTC (9:00 AM KST)


What is IES AdCom?

The IES Administrative Committee (AdCom) is responsible for governing and administering the Society under the Society’s Constitution and Bylaws, in the best interests of the IEEE, the IES members, and the scientific communities in the areas of the IES field of interest. By joining these meetings, you will gain an understanding and experience of how the AdCom engages in discussion, consultation, voting and decision-making on current and future activities of the Society. In the IES Town Hall, we will discuss how members can engage more frequently and deeply with IES activities. During Strategy Day, we will work on the overall strategy of the Society, objectives, goals and KPIs, your input and feedback will be invaluable for these planning activities. You can also engage in Q&A with members and officers of the IES in both meetings.

IES Member Hour on Strategy Day

IES Member Hour is exclusively for IES members to ask questions, give feedback and have a discussion. The member hour is scheduled for 16 June 2024, 5:00 AM UTC (2:00 PM KST), using the same Zoom webinar link.

You may share any comments, feedback and questions in advance, using this Google form:

How do I join the meetings?

You must use an email address associated with your Zoom account to register for the webinars. New to Zoom? Sign up for free here:

Once you have registered, you will receive instructions by email on how to join the meeting.



Milos Manic
IES President