Industry Engagement

IES is leading at the forefront of industrial electronics and informatics. A special focus is put on co-innovating and applying cutting-edge knowledge in the industrial and manufacturing areas.


Added Value by engaging with IES:

  • Source expert knowledge from our global community of renowned research professionals on every topic related to Industrial Electronics, Informatics, and their applications
  • Get feedback about cutting-edge research from reviewers and local audiences during our 20+ focused scientific conferences
  • Recruit the brightest talents from the IES Young Professionals community
  • Learn about emerging technologies from our dedicated publications
  • Ramp up your brand identity by delivering industrial keynotes in our respective forums
  • Start co-innovating and co-developing global standards for your industry’s market areas
  • Upskill your personnel to cutting-edge new technologies and foresight
  • Network, co-innovate, and exchange knowledge with international experts in global events
  • Share industry use cases/challenges with academia to attract research innovations
  • Enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by giving back to society:
    • create sustainable societal impact via technology development/application
    • contribute to meaningful humanitarian technology activities that address societal challenges such as access to electricity or climate change (donation in kind)
    • inspire students and young professionals (SYP)
  • Stay ahead by exploring AI's diverse impact on sustainability and keeping abreast of cutting-edge technologies

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