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IES is one of the most internationalized societies in IEEE by the membership. We have about 9,983 members (as of December 2022). We have 102 Chapters, 49 Student Branch Chapters, and 24 Technical Committees. Our members are distributed around the world.

 IEEE members   IES members 
Regions 1 to 6 (inside USA) 36% 14%
Regions 7 to 10 (outside USA) 64% 86%


How to join the Society

If you would like to join our Society

  • Visit the IEEE Membership Subscription Page
  • Send an e-mail your letter to[insert your region number 1~10]
  • Call IEEE at 1-800-678-4333 or 1-908-981-0060
  • Send regular mail to
    IEEE Member Services
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