Student and Young Professionals Activity Day

Young Professionals & Student Forum

The Industrial Electronics Society Young Professionals & Student Forum (IES-SF) is a place for Young Professionals & Student with great opportunity for engineering students (undergraduate, master and research (PhD) students) and YPs to present their research work on Industrial Electronics and related areas. The expected benefits are:
  • A reduced registration fee of US$150 for students presenting their work in the IES-SF.

It is worth pointing out that only students can be authors, if reduced fee (US$150) is required/used.
Attention: Maximum number of accepted papers up to 10 with reduced registration fee!

  • Depends on the conference requirements: Oral Session, Poster Session, 3-minute speech (3Ms) to present research projects and results.
  • Recognitions for the best presentations.
  • Papers co-authored with graduate professionals (academics, engineers, etc.) must be covered by full registration fees.
  • Depends on the conference requirements: Oral Session, Poster Session, 3-minute speech (3Ms) to present research projects and results.
  • Recognitions for the best presentations.
  • Occasionally, special tutorials and/or industry-link conducted by distinguished world-class lecturers (usually YPs, Mentors, Industry experts).
  • YPS party (see more in the next section).
  • Friendly debates with colleagues and companies on professional topics of interest.
  • An extended deadline – normally two weeks longer than regular and special conference sessions.

Further notes related to the IES-SF are given below:

The IES-SF is an opportunity for YPS to present original results from their research work in an Oral Session and/or a Poster Session and/or 3Ms.

It should be noted that YPS who won IES-SYPA have to present their projects additionally within 3Ms, with a three-minute film about the project in background (see IES Facebook page to learn how it was in previous conferences). Topics are not limited but they should match the scope of the IES conference hosting the IES-SF.

YPS activities will be concentrated in only one day to reduce the overall cost of attending the IES-SF. However, students are allowed to attend most of the activities (technical sessions and tutorials) of the IES conference hosting the IES-SF. YPS with a regular registration for the conference will be allowed to participate in the IES-SF and all YPS’ activities (regular conference Tutorials, Banquet etc.) free of charge.

How can I participate in the IES-SF?

Authors should submit a copy of their full paper, in English, 6 pages’ maximum, using the automated web-based MSS and selecting Young Professionals & Student Forum [SF] as technical track. Authors should specify in their submitted draft manuscripts, if they would like to participate either in the oral or poster session. For further information, please consult the official symposium website or contact the IES-SF chairperson of the respective conference.

An international group of reviewers will select the best presentations of the IES-SF based on the quality of the submitted paper, the clarity of the presentation and the interest among the audience. Authors of these works will receive the IEEE IES supporting diploma in recognition of the quality of their contributions and a US$750 recognition per work. It should be noted that IES-SF recognitions diplomas will be presented during conference but the money would be paid when the recipient submits required documents to the IES Treasurer (see and choose the form of payment: cheque or wire transfer.

Young Professionals & Student Tutorial and Industry Link

In some cases, special YPS Tutorials conducted by distinguished lecturers usually YPs will be given. Within the tutorial framework, the IES YPS-AC committee invite young engineers or Mentors/Industry Expert from an industry to assure a link between YPS from an academia and an industry.

YPS Party

Young scientist activites starts with a welcome session and this is a great opportunity to meet colleagues coming to the conference from all around the world. Conference Chairs, IES President, IES Officers, and the IES YPS-AC will take advantage of this opportunity to give you a warm welcome to the conference. Moreover, we will provide all the information you need about young engineers’ opportunities in IES.

After presentations and questions, IES will hold a YPS’ Party to close the long scientific day. This will normally be in the format of a buffet with light refreshments and drinks - a relaxed and informal time to discuss the conference, establish new contacts and make plans for the coming IEEE IES conferences.

Usually, the YPS recognitions ceremony is held during the conference Gala Dinner. The IES President hands out the best presentation of YPS forum recognitions during the YPS Party. Tickets for the YPS’ Party are included in the registration fee, therefore all YPS from the conference are welcome to enjoy a time of scientific relaxation with their colleagues and IES Officers. The IEEE IES is supporting the organization of the YPS Party up to US$ 2000.

2021 IEEE-IES Student and Young Professional Competition Presentations

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