About Women in IES and Meet our Committee

About Women-in-IES and Meet our Committee 

The Women in Engineering at the Industrial Electronics Society group was formed by the Member Activities Board (MAB) to inspire, engage, and advance women in Industrial Electronics Society. The Women-in-IES committee organizes a series of periodic events and activities to promote the visibility of women leaders and to inspire young women to become involved in engineering.

The Women-in-IES committee organizes WIE luncheons, WIE forums, webinars, mentoring sessions, outreach programs, and social events. The committee will organize a WIE luncheon during IECON 2023 and then either WIE forums or luncheons after 2023 for the three IES flagship conferences (IECON/ICIT/ISIE). The luncheon networking event is an important opportunity to foster discussions on the role of women in IES, inspire young women and promote collaborations and initiatives to advance women leadership. Within the events organized by Women-in-IES, young female researchers and professionals have the chance to network, seek advice, and speak with senior faculty members and senior industry leaders. Although the events are organized by Women-in-IES, everyone is welcome to attend the events and encouraged to join IES.  

The WIE Column in the Industrial Electronics Magazine (IEM) is a periodic publication that presents Women-in-IES activities and stories by means of reports and interviews. Articles can be found in IEM through IEEE Xplore®. Proposals for articles, interviews or reports can be submitted by sending a letter of intent first to the Women-in-IES committee chair, Prof. Ya-Jun Pan, at wie@ieee-ies.org

The Women-in-IES Committee

The Women-in-IES Committee consists of the following individuals in 2024:

Ya-Jun Pan - Chair
Dalhousie University
Halifax, Canada
Morgan Kiani
Morgan Kiani - Co-Chair
Texas Christian University
Fort Worth, USA
Regina Roos - Co-Chair
Typhoon HIL GmbH
Lucia Lo Bello
University of Catania
Catania, Italy
Goldie Nejat
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada
Mihoko Niitsuma
Chuo University
Tokyo, Japan
Leila Parsa
University of California
Santa Cruz, USA
Jie Sheng
University of Washington
Tacoma, USA
Jing Zhou
University of Agder
Kristiansand, Norway


Past Chairs:

Lucia Lo Bello, University of Catania, Catania, Italy

Leila Parsa, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA