IEEE IES AdHoc Multimedia Committee

Multimedia Committee an IES AdHoc Committee built upon the foundation of fostering technological innovation, excellence in analysis, and the posting of contents in the IES Resource Center and the IES channel. This committee will provide sources for users, researchers, and IES members.

This Multimedia website section was launched in September 2020, leveraging the strength of IES and its members. This has been achieved by distributing webinars, conference keynote speeches and there will be more to come in near future.

The multimedia content will be posted in three venues:

1- IES Channel in
2- IES Resource Center:
3- IES ITeN eNews website:

 Multimedia content and collection

(please note that not all categories are currently opened for submission,
due to the limited processing capabilities of the committee)

1) Distinguished and Frontiers Lecturer presentations (DL & FL):

This one will be collected by the host or organizing chapters with some (limited) support from Multimedia Committee. Please contact Morgan Kiani at

2) Tutorials and Keynotes at conferences, where possible:

This one will be collected by the organizers of conferences, with some help/guideline from Multimedia Committee.

3) On-line courses from TCs:

All contributions will be prepared by a TC or a group of TCs within a cluster. Each contribution won’t be longer than 1 hour, in form of a presentation with embedded audio comment. Longer events (e.g. a 4-hour tutorial) may be split into 1 hour-long segments. The solicitation and collection of material should be led by the cluster delegates and Multimedia Committee. (not open)

4) Webinars from TCs/Clusters:

They must be 45 minutes long, plus 15 minutes allocated for Q&A. The idea emerged in the meeting, based on the experience of other societies, is that each cluster should organize about 2 webinars per year (the minimum target is to have 6 webinars per year). This will translate to one webinar every other month for IES. Our committee will provide a tool (GoToWebinar) and the advertisement on ITeN. The collection of material should be led by the cluster delegates and Multimedia Committee.

5) Spontaneous contributions by IES members:

Not promoted at this moment, the committee prefer not to consider such type of contributions, given that we are aiming at producing some visible results by September/October and we want to avoid an unmanageable workload. (not open)