JESTIE - Current Emerging Areas

JESTIE invites research papers on emerging areas in all the topics under its scope as listed in The current emerging areas include but are not limited to:

  • (i) High frequency power electronics, magnetics, packaging, devices and applications,
  • (ii) Battery chargers, battery/supercapacitor/fuel cell-electrolyser integration, battery health monitoring, applications,
  • (iii) Industrial electronics in smart grid, micro grid, dc grid, hybrid ac/dc grid,
  • (iv) Application of industrial electronics in efficient and cost effective harnessing of energy from solar PV, wind, tidal and small nano/pico hydro systems, energy management,
  • (v) Industrial electronics in electric transportation, new motors and controllers,
  • (vi) Air, land and sea vehicles, technologies for hybrid/electric aircraft and drones,
  • (vii) New power converters for emerging applications (viz. smart grid, e-transportation etc.), fault tolerant converters, tailored dielectrics for power electronics applications, application of artificial intelligence (AI) in power electronics,
  • (viii) Soft (data driven) sensors, contact-less sensors, intelligent sensors for industrial applications,
  • (ix) Application of neural network and AI in motion control,
  • (x) active radio frequency identification (RFID),
  • (xi) Hyper-automation, trusted autonomy, flexible manufacturing,
  • (xii) Digital transformation, symbiotic autonomous systems, human-centred cyber-physical systems, digital twins (DT), trustworthiness through DTs, industrial artificial intelligence,
  • (xiii) Engineering and operation of systems-of-cyber-physical-systems, application of novel service-oriented innovation and business technologies and processes, innovative security-methods and technologies for cyber-physical Information transaction (e.g. block chain),
  • (xiv) Seamless human-technology interactions, federated learning as an emerging machine learning paradigm,
  • (xv) Reskilling, upskilling, paced education, purpose learning, real-time simulation and virtual laboratories for online teaching.