IEM - Submission of Manuscripts

Submission of a new manuscript for review

Contributions to the Transactions, Journals, and Letters may be submitted electronically on IEEE's on-line manuscript submission and peer-review system, ScholarOne® Manuscripts (former Manuscript Central).

Visit the information for authors page to consult our guidelines, policies and resources for authors.

Before submitting, carefully read the IEM checklist below "IEM checklist for manuscript submissions" and modify your manuscript accordingly. Once your paper is completely suitable to IEM rules, follow this procedure:

  1. Open ScholarOne® Manuscripts web If you haven't an existing account, please create it.
  2. Go to your Author Center and click "Submit First Draft of a New Manuscript".
  3. Along with other information, you will be asked to select the subject from a pull-down list. There are various steps to the submission process; you must complete all steps for a complete submission. At the end of each step you must click "Save and Continue".
  4. Just uploading the paper is not sufficient. After the last step, you should see a confirmation that the submission is complete. You should also receive an e-mail confirmation.
  5. More detailed instructions can be found at S1M Training Area.

Please notice that in your Author Center you may check the current status of your manuscript such as: In EIC office, Assigned to AE, AE invites reviewers, AE assigns reviewers, Under review, Awaiting AE decision, and Awaiting EIC decision. If you find that your manuscript is not moving in the process for a month or more please contact the Editor-in-Chief.

IEM checklist for manuscript submissions

Primary e-mail address requirements

For an individual to be listed as a co-author, it is mandatory from 01 March 2022 that the primary e-mail address is an institutional one. This applies not only to the submitting author but to ALL authors of each and every paper. Papers where this requirement is not satisfied will not be put into the review process. Read more...

Authors should consider the following points before submitting a new paper. Otherwise the submission would be automatically rejected.

  • Try to communicate ideas with schemes, graphics, pictures and tables better than with words and with words better than with equations. IEM strives to serve a wide and diverse professional audience rather than a reduced group of specialists in a given topic, as interesting and important as it could be.
  • Put your work in perspective by including a list as current as possible of related references from journals and conferences within IES areas of interest.
  • DO NOT FORGET TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT TYPE OF MANUSCRIPT (Main Feature, From Mind to Market, Industry Forum, or Past & Present). Failure to do that may result in your manuscript being rejected.

  • Submitted files must be in PDF format. Note that unlike other transactions, IEM has no specific template as all articles will be individually edited before printing. Please prepare your manuscripts in single-column, double-space, with 12p fonts.
  • In order to ensure a fair review process neither authors' names nor affiliations should be included in the manuscript. They have only to be entered to IEM database by filing the corresponding fields during the submission process.
  • Please DO NOT submit authors’ bios, IEEE copyright form, or any other complementary material. The only file which has to be submitted is the manuscript in PDF format.

  • Word count is all manuscript words, including text of figures, tables, equations, references, bios, etc. You can check your manuscript on Linux CLI with: $ pdftotext - | wc
  • Main features first submission: max 5000 words excluding references, max 8 figures or tables, max 50 references.
  • Main features final submission: max 6000 words excluding references, max 10 figures or tables, max 60 references. Max 100 words per author bio.
  • All other technical contributions: max 2500 words, max 6 figures or tables.