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  • Peer Review
    The articles in this journal are peer reviewed in accordance with the requirements set forth in the IEEE Publication Services and Products Board Operations Manual (https://pspb.ieee.org/images/files/files/opsmanual.pdf). Each published article was reviewed by a minimum of two independent reviewers using a single-blind peer review process, where the identities of the reviewers are not known to the authors, but the reviewers know the identities of the authors. Articles will be screened for plagiarism before acceptance.
  • ORCID is required for all authors
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  • Out-of-Scope topics
  • All user instructions are detailed on TRANS-JOUR.pdf file (or POST-CONF.pdf for Post Conference Papers). This document follow the TIE format guidelines and instructions to prepare a paper for IEEE Trans on Industrial Electronics.
  • Download the template document for authors:

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    After unzipping, choose ALL_xx-TIE-xxxx.docx for Word or ALL_xx-TIE-xxxx.tex for LATEX (highly recommended).