TIE - Final Submission

Submission of final manuscript

If an editor decides to accept your manuscript, you will receive via email an "acceptance" decision. In ScholarOne® Manuscripts, the status of your paper will be "Awaiting Final Files" and you will be able to submit the final manuscript.

Please download and use the latest manuscript template here: TRANS-JOUR (Word and LATEX version)
For Post Conference Papers please use: POST-CONF (Post Conference Papers must include the previous work in the references section)

The checklist TIE checklist for manuscript submissions also applies to the final stage, with some exceptions:

  • The manuscript must include in this stage: author names list, footnote on the first page, optional acknowledgement section and authors' bios and photos). Letters to editor should not include authors' bios and photos.
  • Once you add footnotes, acknowledgement, author photos and bios, please tailor your paper so it's length does not exceed the 8 pages limit (up to 10 pages with fees) and the last page is not half empty. If your paper after editing at IEEE HQ will run to a new page the editor may remove your photos and/or bios.
  • Please notice that there are mandatory over length charge of US$250 per page (US$200 for IES members), up to 10 pages.
  • This submission must include the final list of references. Any later change will cause prolonged delays in the publishing process.

Upon acceptance, you will receive an email with specific instructions regarding the submission of your final files. To avoid any delays in publication, please be sure to follow these instructions. Final submissions should include source files of your accepted manuscript, high quality graphic files, and a formatted PDF file. If you have any questions regarding the final submission process, please contact the administrative contact for the journal.

Final files

  1. A source file of your manuscript in either Microsoft Word or LaTeX. Save the document as TXT_xx-TIE-xxxx.doc (Word file) or TXT_xx-TIE-xxxx.tex (LaTeX project).
  2. A publication-ready PDF of the manuscript which will appear as Early Access article on IEEE Xplore. The publication-ready PDF must match the source file. This PDF file must be made following all IEEE and TIE guide styles. When printing to PDF from WORD in printer properties, select “Press Quality” instead of “Standard” so the file meets IEEE Xplore requirements. Name this file as ALL_xx-TIE-xxxx.pdf.
  3. If applicable, all supplemental material such as multimedia or graphical abstract.
  4. If the figures are not embedded into the text, then save all your figures in one or several documents. FIG1_xx-TIExxxx.ext. Proper extensions are PS, EPS, TIFF, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, or PDF. If the author photos are not embedded in the text, and only for regular papers (4 to 8 pages, up to 10 with fees), then include color photos of each author with proper format (TIF, JPEG, EPS, PDF, DOC, or PPT) and proper resolution (300 dpi). Name each photo as AUTHOR_NAME.ext. Letters (up to 3 printed pages) must not have biographies or photos of authors.

Pack everything to one zip file xx-TIE-xxxx.zip and upload into ScholarOne® Manuscripts.

Once authors upload final files in ScholarOne® Manuscripts, they will be automatically redirected to a new IEEE page where they can sign the eCF.

As a summary, the zip file should include the following files:

  1. TXT_xx-TIE-xxxx.doc or TXT_xx-TIE-xxxx.tex Source file of your manuscript
  2. ALL_xx-TIE-xxxx.pdf A publication-ready PDF of the manuscript which must match the source file
  3. Supplemental material If applicable, such as multimedia or graphical abstract
  4. FIG1_xx-TIE-xxxx.ext or AUTHOR_NAME.ext If not embedded into the text, figures and Author photos (author photos not for Letters)

You are strongly encouraged to use TeX, LaTeX or Troff programs for the most accurate and efficient transfer of your manuscript, especially for those containing extensive mathematics.

The zip file xx-TIE-xxxx.zip should be uploaded into ScholarOne® Manuscripts. Login to ScholarOne® Manuscripts and go to your Author Center. You will see a page similar to the one shown below. In the lower right corner you will see the "submit final files" link. Go there and upload your ZIP (or RAR) file using file designation as other