TIE - Special Sections


Resilient and Compact Powertrains for On-the-move Electrical Energy Technologies
Published: Issue 2, Feb. 2021
Advanced Motion Control for Mechatronic Applications with Precision and Force Requirements
Published: Issue 1, Jan. 2021


Applications of Predictive Control in Microgrids
Published: Issue 10, Oct. 2020
Position Sensorless AC Motor Drives
Published: Issue 7, Jul. 2020
High & Very High Frequency Power Supplies for Industrial Applications
Published: Issue 2, Feb. 2020
Novel Emerging Sensing, Actuation, and Control Techniques for Haptic Interaction and Teleoperation
Published: Issue 1, Jan. 2020


Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Systems
Published: Issue 12, Dec. 2019
Advanced Control Methods for Power Converters in Distributed Generation Systems and Microgrids
Published: Issue 11, Nov. 2019
Complex Power Electronics Systems Modeling and Analysis
Published: Issue 8, Aug. 2019
On-board Microgrids for the More Electric Aircraft
Published: Issue 7, Jul. 2019
Design and Control for Linear Machines, Drives, and MAGLEVs

Photovoltaic Module and Sub-Module Level Power Electronics and Control

Wireless Power Transfer for Smart Industrial and Home Applications

Modular Multilevel Converters

Methods and Systems for a Smart Energy City

Emerging Multi-Port Electrical Machines and Systems


Z-Source Converters: Topologies, Modulation Techniques, and Applications

Modelling, Control and Integration of Energy Storage Systems in e-Transportation and Smart-grid

Optimization of Electric Machine Designs

New Technique Trends for Power Converters in Distributed Power Generation Systems

Sliding Mode Control and Observation for Complex Industrial Systems


Control and Grid Integration of MW-Range Wind and Solar Energy Conversion Systems

Wide bandgap devices and power conversion systems

New Trends in Smart Sensors for Industrial Applications

Power Electronics for Extending Life-time and Robustness of Fuel Cell Systems

High Performance LED Drivers

Power-electronics-enabled Autonomous Power Systems

Distributed Coordination Control and Industrial Applications

Data Driven Control and Learning Systems

Modeling, Analysis and Advanced Control on Motion Control Systems

New Magnetic Materials for Electrical Machines and Power Converters

Motion Control for Novel Emerging Robotic Devices and Systems

Emerging Power Quality Problems and State of The Art Solutions


Recent Advances in Multilevel Inverters and their applications

Dynamic Charging of Electric Vehicles by Wireless Power Transfer

Predictive Control in Power Converters and Electrical Drives

Diagnosis and Prognosis for Complicated Industrial Systems

Advanced Motion Control for Next-Generation Industrial Applications

Networked Control and Industrial Applications

Multiphase Machines and Drives - Revisited


Connected Vehicles - Advancements in Vehicular Technologies and Informatics

Monitoring, diagnosis, prognosis and techniques for increasing the lifetime/reliability of photovoltaic systems

Condition Monitoring, Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Health Management for Wind Energy Conversion Systems

Advances in Disturbance/Uncertainty Estimation and Attenuation

Modeling, diagnosis and control of fuel cell based technologies and their integration in smart grids and automotive systems

Power Converters, Control, and Energy Management for Distributed Generation

Real-time fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control

Industrial Electronics for Electric Transportation

New Trends in Intelligent Energy Systems

Modern Diagnostics Techniques for Electrical Machines, Power Electronics & Drives