TII - Revised Submission

Submission of a revised for review

If an editor decides not to accept your manuscript, they may provide you with a decision that allows for reconsideration. If so, Open ScholarOne® Manuscripts web http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/tii and find the paper on your submission dashboard. The Actions column provides you with links to create a revision (for decision types of Minor Revision or Major Revision) or a resubmission (for decision types of Reject with Resubmit).

Visit the information for authors page and download the instructions document and the manuscript template.

The checklist TII checklist for manuscript submissions also applies to the revised stage.

  • In the revision flow, the reviewers tend to ask for more explanations, also note that the maximum allowed length is 12 pages including short biographies and photos and mandatory overlength charges begin on page 9. Note that in the final page count, the authors’ bios and photos should be included.
  • In the resubmission flow, you have to submit a new paper that is treated as a new submission (8 pages max. as new papers), this means that a new set of Associate editor and reviewers will take care of the new paper. Therefore your paper should be self-contained. No extra notes are necessary.