SYP-AC’s people and roles

The Students and Young Professionals Activity Committee (SYP-AC) currently consists of:

   María Inés Valla (;
   Marco Liserre (;
   Mariusz Malinowski (
   Pedro Rodriguez (

Moreover, YPS-AC can manage all the threads mentioned above thanks to the valuable support from Web & Information Committee [7], IES President, VP for Memberships, IES Treasurer, IES conferences Chairs and all IES volunteers which stimulate and support our activity.

Summarizing all of the above - please consider becoming the IEEE IES student or young professional member and help us to promote new knowledge and interact proactively in our welcoming professional environment. We are looking for new volunteers.

"In you there is hope, for you belong to the future, just as the future belongs to you. For hope is always linked to the future; it is the expectation of ‘future good things’" [8].



  8. prof. Karol Wojtyla


On behalf of the IEEE IES:
The VP-Membership Activities, Yousef Ibrahim,
The VP-Conferences Activities, Juan J. Rodriguez-Andina,
The President Xinghuo Yu, the President Elect Terry Martin, and Treasurer Milos Manic,
The Chair of the Web and Information Committee, Andres A. Nogueiras Melendez, and Founder, Aleksander Malinowski.

Sincerely yours,
The Chair of IEEE IES YPS-AC,

Marek Jasinski

Warsaw University of Technology, 2019.02.08