The Industrial Electronics Society through its members encompasses a diverse range of technical activities devoted to the application of electronics and electrical sciences for the enhancement of industrial and manufacturing processes. These technical activities address the latest developments in intelligent and computer control systems, robotics, factory communications and automation, flexible manufacturing, data acquisition and signal processing, vision systems, and power electronics. The Society continually updates its program of technical activities to meet the needs of modern industry. _


Field of Interest

IES Constitution, Article I, Section 4. The Field of Interest of the IES shall be confined to the theory and applications of electronics, controls, communications, instrumentation and computational intelligence to industrial and manufacturing systems and processes.
IES Constitution, Article I, Section 5. The Field of Interest of the IES may be enlarged, reduced or shifted moderately as the need of the occasion indicate with the provision that such revisions shall be processed as an amendment to this Constitution and shall be in accordance with the procedures defined in the TAB Operations Manual.


AdCom at Large - results

Dear IES AdCom members,

The IES N&A committee received the official results from IEEE Managing director, I have the pleasure to announce you the names of the elected candidates for three year term 1 January 2019-31 December 2021.

Yasutaka Fujimoto
Mihoko Niitsuma
Leila Parsa
Marcelo G. Simoes

I would like to welcome our new colleagues and wish them all the best for a successful and fruitful participation in IES management.

Best regards,
Kamal Al-Haddad,
IES N&A committee chair


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