Administrative Committee

The Industrial Electronics Society Administrative Committee (IES AdCom) meets two or three times per year, according to the posted schedule. In addition to the elected AdCom members, Senior & Life AdCom Cluster Delegates, and Technical Committee Cluster Delegates, ex-officio voting members of IES AdCom include Officers, Junior Past President, and Senior Past President.

Junior Past President: Terry Martin
Senior Past President: Xinghuo Yu
Voting rights: Per IES Bylaws 
The IES AdCom is composed of 62 voting members and any number of non-voting members.

The sixty-two AdCom voting members shall consist of:
• 21 Elected and Appointed Members-at-Large
• 11 appointed Officers
• IES Junior and Senior Past Presidents (2 persons)
• 8 Technical Committee Cluster Delegates (TCCD)
• 20 Senior and Life AdCom Cluster Delegates (SLCD)

2.1.1 IES AdCom voting members must be IES members and this shall be verified before each AdCom meeting by the IES Secretary.
2.1.2 A quorum is defined as a majority of the voting members.
2.1.3 Proxy voting is not allowed.
2.1.4 Non-voting IES AdCom members include:
• Technical Committee Chairs
• Senior and Life AdCom Member honorees
• Editors-in-Chief
• Assistant-Treasurer
• Standing Committee Chairs
• AdHoc Committee Chairs
• IES Chapter or Joint Chapter Chairs
• IES liaison representatives
• IES AdCom special appointees
2.1.5 A person can hold at most one (1) voting AdCom position