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Scope: IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics is published monthly. Its scope encompasses the applications of electronics, controls and communications, instrumentation and computational intelligence for the enhancement of industrial and manufacturing systems and processes. Included are power electronics and drive control techniques, system control and signal processing, fault detection and diagnosis, power systems, instrumentation, measurement and testing, modeling and simulation, motion control, robotics, sensors and actuators, implementation of neural nets, fuzzy logic, and artificial intelligence in industrial systems, factory automation, communication and computer networks.

Authors must submit their manuscript electronically on the web to

Printed manuscripts are divided into 12 subject categories: Multi-Phase Systems, Machines and Drives; Single-Phase Electronics, Renewable Energy Systems; Robotics and Mechatronics, Actuators and Motors; Control and Signal Processing, Diagnosis and Monitoring; Instrumentation and Sensors, Embedded Systems, Intelligent Systems, Networking.


Emil Levi

Emil Levi

Past Editor-in-Chief

Leopoldo G. Franquelo

Leopoldo G. Franquelo

  • TIE Editor-in-Chief in 2016-2018
  • Dpto de Ingeniería Electrónica
  • Escuela Superior de Ingenieros, Universidad de Sevilla, Camino de los Descubrimientos s/n 41092 Sevilla, SPAIN

Previous Past Editors-in-Chief are listed here


Chandan Chakraborty
Chandan Chakraborty
IIT Kharagpur
From Jan. 1, 2019

Huijun Gao
Huijun Gao
Harbin Inst. of Tech.

Makoto Iwasaki
Makoto Iwasaki
Nagoya Inst. of Tech.
Marco Liserre
Marco Liserre
Univ. of Kiel
Josep Pou
Josep Pou
Nanyang Technological Univ.
From Jan. 1, 2019
Yang Shi
Yang Shi
Univ. of Victoria

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Associate Editors

  • Complete list of Associate Editors is listed here Jul. 2019 updated

International Advisory Board

  • Carlo Cecati,  Univ. of L’ Aquila, Italy
  • Mo-Yuen Chow,  NC State Univ., USA
  • Leopoldo G. Franquelo,  Univ. of Seville, Spain
  • Marian P. Kazmierkowski,  Warsaw Univ. of Tech., Poland
  • Fumio Harashima,  Tokyo Metrop. Univ., Japan
  • Joachim Holtz,  Wuppertal Univ., Germany
  • J. David Irwin,  Auburn Univ., USA
  • Bogdan M. Wilamowski,  Auburn Univ., USA

Journal Administrators

Samantha Jacobs
Samantha Jacobs

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