Technically Co-sponsored conferences

In Technically Co-sponsored (TCS) conferences, IES will have direct and substantial involvement in the organization of the technical program but no financial involvement. IES will not get any share of the surplus and it is not expected to contributed to any share of the losses (if any).



Having your conference technically co-sponsored by IES means:
  • The conference will be associated with IEEE and IES, and the prospective participants will know in advance of the technical quality implied by this.
  • There is possibility of submitting the published proceedings to the IEEEXplore digital library, where they will be available for download. Many people choose conferences to attend only if they are included in IEEEXplore.
  • You will have access to Submit, the IES paper submission and review system, thoroughly tested for more than 15 years and that has served more than 100 conferences. It is a complete tool, maintained by IES volunteers, which handles all the steps of the submission and review process.
At IES, we only grant TCS to conferences with a high technical quality, and we expect all conferences to adhere to the highest technical and professional standards. Although IES will not be involved in the conference finances, some information about them is also necessary in order to know the functioning of the conference.



In order to apply to TCS, you will have to show a team with proven capacity and experience in organzing conferences, and usually previous editions of the same conference must have been succesfully held in the past.
When a conference is TCS by IES, the organizers comply to:
  • Guarantee at least 5% discount in the registration fees for IES members independently of any other IEEE membership discount.
  • Organize a conference of international character with keynote speakers and participants from at least three different countries.
  • Include IES volunteers, Technical Committees in particular, in the Technical Program Committee and provide access to the submitted papers and reviews.
  • Contact IEEE Services and IES VP for Membership Activities ( well before the event for the setup of a membership desk during the event.
  • Prepare a final report after the event, regarding the membership desk results to be sent to IES VP for Membership Activities (
  • Prepare a final technical report after the event, to be sent to IES VP for Workshops ( including an electronic copy of the proceedings.



If you want to apply for TCS, please follow the steps below:
  1. Determine whether the conference falls within the fields of interest of IES. You can red the FOI here. If the conference has similar topics, there should be one or more IES Technical Committees that cover them.
  2. Identify an IES liaison who will be an IES volunteer who will channel the communication between the conference and IES. This person will overview the conference technical program (including the review process) and will have access to papers and reviews.
  3. Collect information about the conference and the previous editions. You will need data such as: dates and location of next and previous editions; number of submitted and accepted papers; preliminary budget or estimated registration fees; preliminary call for papers.
  4. Fill the TCS Application Form and submit it. If you have questions questions about the content, contact Vice President for Workshop Activities (VPWA).
  5. The VPWA will review the application and might ask for further information. After all the information is collected, the application will be forwarded to the IES Conferences Committee for further discussion and voting.
  6. Once the conference is approved, you will receive notification with instructions.
  7. Fill the IEEE Conference application form to register your conference with IEEE. When filling it, include Industrial Electronics Society as "Sponsor (0%)"
  8. Include IEEE and IES logo on all conference materials. Consider placing an ad in the Industrial Electronics Magazine to publicize the conference, and to use IES social media to disseminate information about it. If you wish to do so, please contact the co-chairs of the IES Students and Young Professionals Committee Marek Jasinski (mja at and Hani Vahedi (hvahedi at See more Tools and resources for conference organizers.
  9. If you wish so, apply for Submit, the IES web-based submission and review system.
  10. After conference is over, send the required reports including Number of papers submitted/accepted/presented; Results of membership desk in terms of new members recruited; Number of papers sent to Xplore and date you sent the package; Any other information you consider relevant.
  11. If you are sending papers for publication in IEEEXplore, prepare the packing list as soon as possible andsubmit electronically


Tools and resources

IES TCS Application form