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Region 7

University of Victoria,IE13
Formed on 3/23/2021
Chair: Kunwu Zhang

Region 8

Formed on 7/2/2022
Chair: Ala Chalghaf

Faculty of Sciences of Sfax (FSS),IE13
Formed on 12/27/2022
Chair: Ghassen LTAIF

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven,IA34/IE13
Formed on 9/28/2012
Chair: Frederik Geth

Kyambogo University,IE13
Formed on 8/29/2021
Chair: Baraka Kiongozi

Lipetsk State Technical Univ,IA34/IE13
Formed on 7/30/2020
Chair: Vladimir Istomin

Politecnico Di Milano,RA24/IE13
Formed on 4/18/2019
Chair: Alberto Lucchini

Tallinn University of Technology,IE13
Formed on 6/13/2019
Chair: Vadim Sidorov

Technical University of Kenya,IE13,C16
Formed on 8/15/2021
Chair: Stephen Okwiri

Warsaw University of Technology, IE13
Formed on 9/5/2019
Chair: Cezary Sobol

Region 9

Costa Rica Institute of Technology,IE13
Formed on 8/23/2022
Chair: Keyner Araya Portuguez

Escuela Superior Politecnica Del Chimborazo,IE13
Formed on 5/17/2021
Chair: Alex Cuichan

Universidad de Guadalajara-Valles,IE13
Formed on 7/10/2020
Chair: Manuel Zurita Gil

Universidad Politecnica Salesiana-Cuenca, IE13
Formed on 6/16/2016
Chair: Christian Astudillo

Region 10

Bannari Amman Inst of Tech,IE13,PE31,PEL35
Formed on 8/7/2020

Beijing Jiaotong University,IE13
Formed on 9/14/2019
Chair: Yangbin Zeng

BMS College of Engineering,PEL35,IE13
Formed on 4/28/2022

College of Engineering Adoor,IA34/IE13
Formed on 3/24/2020
Chair: Adithya A s

College of Engineering-Perumon,IE13
Formed on 6/6/2021
Chair: Vacant

G Narayanamma Inst of Tech & Sci,IE13
Formed on 11/6/2022
Chair: Vaishnavi Ginkala

Gokaraju RangaRaju Inst of Eng & Tech-Hyderab,IE13
Formed on 3/22/2022
Chair: Harshitha Yerraguntla

Guangdong University of Technology,IE13
Formed on 11/28/2018
Chair: wenda Zhong

Huazhong Univ Of Science And Tech,IE13
Formed on 11/7/2021
Chair: Yirong Tang

Indian Inst of Science-Bangalore,IA34/IE13
Formed on 12/17/2012
Chair: Vacant

Indian Institute of Technology-Guwahati,IE13
Formed on 3/29/2023
Chair: Devendra Kumar

Indian Institute of Technology-Mandi,PEL35/IE13
Formed on 7/28/2015
Chair: Vacant

Jawaharlal College of Engg and Tech,IA34/IE13
Formed on 11/12/2019
Chair: Vacant

Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology,IE13
Formed on 11/7/2017
Chair: Vacant

Kyungsung University,IA34,IE13,PEL35
Formed on 1/30/2014
Chair: Grace Lukman

LBS College of Engineering-Kasargod,IE13
Formed on 5/11/2021
Chair: Vacant

Mar Athanasius College of Eng,IE13/PEL35
Formed on 12/24/2021
Chair: Amrutha Nair

Mehran Univ of Engineering and Technology,IE13
Formed on 2/9/2022
Chair: Harchand Meghwar

New Horizon College Of Engineering,IE13
Formed on 12/5/2022
Chair: Jeevan M

Nitte Meenakshi Inst Of Tech,PEL35,IE13
Formed on 9/2/2022
Chair: Nisha Singh

NSS College Of Engineering,IE13
Formed on 4/17/2020
Chair: Vacant

RVR & JC College of Eng,IE13
Formed on 11/15/2022
Chair: Lahari Chennupati

Sahrdaya College of Engg & Tech - Thrissur,IE13
Formed on 7/30/2020
Chair: Sreerag Menon

Shanghai Jiao Tong University,IE13
Formed on 1/27/2020
Chair: Mahnoor Fatima

Shri Ramdeobaba Kamla Nehru Eng College,IE13/PEL35
Formed on 7/11/2022
Chair: Ritesh Jaiswal

Sri Lanka Technological Campus,IE13
Formed on 11/14/2019
Chair: Kavindu Dissanayeka

Sri Sai Ram Engineering College,IE13
Formed on 1/5/2022

Tianjin University,IE13
Formed on 1/5/2022
Chair: Yu Gu

University of Moratuwa-Sri Lanka,IE13
Formed on 7/31/2020
Chair: Yasod Ginige

Vardhaman College of Engineering-Shamshabad,IE13
Formed on 3/18/2022
Chair: Vacant