Support for Chapter Local Activities


This program is intended the local activities carried by Chapters worldwide and releases an annual call. Chapters can obtain up to $4000, subject to availibility of funds, to objectives, and to actual expenses. SCLA provides financial support to Chapters and Joint Chapters to organize local activities or events that provide value to members and potential members. All the activities must align with IES mission and fields of interest 

Chapters interested in applying must submit the form below. Note that support will be given only for events that have one or more of the following objectives:

  • Member retention and satisfaction
  • Providing technical and professional services to local members interested in the fields of interest of the Society
  • Contributing to position IES as the professional home of those working in any of the technologies covered by the Society
  • Bringing IES closer to students and Young Professionals
  • Increasing diversity and inclusion in all activities
  • Community service or training

Examples of events are workshops, industrial visits, seminars, meetups, Senior Member elevation parties, etc.


It is required that the event includes increasing Chapter membership by recruiting new professional members. Cooperation with other IES groups (WIE, Students, Technical Committees, Publications, etc.) is greatly encouraged.

Other requirements:

  1. SCLA maximum grant maximum is USD 4000 per Chapter, always subject to actual expenses and to the total budget limit.
  2. Each Chapter can only apply once per year.
  3. Different Chapters may apply jointly for a collaborative activity. In this case, if the impact is ranked high, the maximum grant may be more than USD 4000 per joint chapter collaboration. The final approved SCLA budget will be subject to the decision from IES

The Chapter must provide a report within 7 days after the event has been completed. The report should include a description and evidence of the event, the value created, the impact to the community, the number or potential number of new IES members, etc. Submit report to and

Deadline for submission in thr first call is 18 Febrary 2024.

A second call will open later in the year for events planned later. 


Questions should be addressed to