TIE - Primary e-mail address requirements

For an individual to be listed as a co-author, it is mandatory from 01 April 2021 that the primary e-mail address is an institutional one. This applies not only to the submitting author but to ALL authors of each and every paper. Papers where this requirement is not satisfied will not be put into the review process.

To ensure compliance with this requirement the submitting author should, prior to the submission, contact all co-authors and request that they, if necessary, edit contact details in their S1M accounts. Non-institutional e-mails can only be used as the Primary CC e-mail address from this date onward.

How to update the emails on S1M

Add your institutional email on the "Primary E-Mail Address" field. By including non-institutional emails as "Primary CC E-Mail Address", as shown in the picture, the user will receive a copy of the messages sent from S1M.

Examples of not allowed emails:

  • ...@gmail.com
  • ...@163.com
  • ...@qq.com
  • ...@126.com
  • ...@yahoo.com
  • ...@hotmail.com

Examples of allowed emails:

  • ...@ieee.org
  • ...@[university-emails]
  • ...@[industry-emails]