TII - Special Sections


Distributed Intelligence Over Internet of Things

Security and Privacy Issues in Industry 4.0 Applications

Medical Data Security Solution for Healthcare Industries

Advanced Energy Internet Applications in Industrial Power and Energy Systems

The Era of Industry 5.0 – Technologies from No Recognizable H-M Interface to Hearty Touch Personal Products

Security & Privacy for Cloud-Assisted Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Grid Applications

Cybertwin-driven 6G for Internet of Everything (IoE): Architectures, Challenges and Industrial Applications

Security, Privacy and Trust Analysis and Service Management for Intelligent Internet of Things Healthcare

AI-Enabled Software Defined Industrial Networks: Architectures, Algorithms and Industrial Applications

Industrial IoT and Sensor Networks in 5G-and-beyond Wireless Communication

Security and Privacy of Federated Learning Solutions for Industrial IoT Applications

Privacy-Preserving Federated Machine Learning Solutions for Enhanced Security of Critical Energy Infrastructures

Reliability and Security for Intelligent Wireless Sensing and Control Systems

5G-enabled Intelligent Applications for Distributed Industrial Internet-of-Thing System

AI-Enabled Threat Intelligence and Hunting Microservices for Distributed Industrial IoT System

Security, Privacy and Trust Analysis and Service Management for Intelligent Internet of Things Healthcare

Data Driven Reliable and Resilient Energy System Against Disasters

Advanced Collaborative Technologies for Artificial Intelligence of Things

Digital Twinning: Integrating AI-ML and Big Data Analytics for Virtual Representation

Hybrid Approaches on Nature-inspired Population-based Intelligent Optimization for Industrial Applications

Smart Meters in the Smart Grid of the Future


Industrial Artificial intelligence for Smart Manufacturing

Federated Learning for Industrial IoT in Industry 4.0

Cloud-Edge Computing for Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet-of-Things

Blockchain Solutions for Industrial Internet of Things

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Where we are and What's next?

6G-Enabled Network in Box (NIB) for Industrial Applications and Services

Deep learning and data analytics to support the smart grid operation with renewable energy

Transfer Learning for 5G-Aided Industrial Internet of Things

Advanced Deep Learning Technologies and Applications for COVID-19

Data-Driven Management of Complex Systems through Plant-Wide Performance Supervision

Green Industrial Internet of Things

Artificial Intelligence for Securing Industrial-Based Cyber-Physical Systems

Sofwarized Networking for Next Generation Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems

Pervasive Edge Computing for Industrial Internet of Things

AI Empowered Communication and Computing Systems for Industrial Internet of Things

Advanced Complex Data Analytics for Smart City Industrial Environment

Configuration Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems

Sustainable and Intelligent Precision Agriculture

Advanced Signal Processing and AI Technologies for Industrial Big Data

Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems: new trends in computing and communications

Advanced Deep Learning Algorithms for Industrial Internet of Things

Cognitive Analytics of Social Media for Industrial Manufacturing

Cognitive big Data Science over Intelligent iot Networking Systems in Industrial Informatics

Visual Perception Enabled Industry Intelligence

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Power Electronics and Systems


Emerging Technologies and Novel Trends in Industrial Informatics

Intelligent Wearable Systems for Human Health Monitoring

Blockchain and AI Enabled 5G Mobile Edge Computing

AI and Machine Learning Solution Cyber Intelligence Technologies: new Methodologies and Applications

Security and Privacy in Industry 4.0

Data Science challenges in Industry 4.0

Trustworthiness in Industrial IoT Systems and Applications

Social and Cognitive Mobile Computing in Industrial Internet of Things

Heterogeneous Industrial Networks of the Current and Next Generation Factories

End–Edge–Cloud Orchestrated Algorithms, Systems, and Applications

Resilience, Reliability, and Security in Cyber-physical Systems

Blockchain in Industrial iot Applications Security and Privacy Advances, Challenges, and Opportunities

Industrial Internet Security, Architectures, and Technologies

Energy Management, Protocols and Security for the Next Generation Networks and Internet of Things

Advanced Informatics for Energy Storage Systems in Electrified Vehicles and Smart Grids

Integration of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Internet of Things

Smart Process Manufacturing Driven by Artificial Intelligence

Emerging Privacy and Security Issues brought by Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Informatics

Intelligent Informatics for Edge of Things in Smart Industrial Ecosystem

Recent Advances on Sliding Mode Control and Its Applications in Modern Industrial Systems

AI-Driven Developments in 5G-Envisioned Industrial Automation: Big Data Perspective

Latest Advances on Industrial Intelligent Video Systems and Analytics

Security, Privacy, and Trust for Industrial Internet of Things


Cyber-Physical Security in Industrial Environments

Identification and Observation Informatics for Energy Generation, Conversion, and Applications

Digital Holography for Industrial Applications

Soft Computing Applications for Novel and Upcoming Distributed and Parallel Systems, from Cloud Computing and Beyond

New Trends in Residential Energy Management

Emerging Trends Issues and Challenges in Edge Artificial Intelligence

Resilience in Energy Industries – Recent Advances, Open Challenges, and Future Directions

Blockchain for Industrial IOT

Developments in Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Informatics

5G Tactile Internet: An Application for Industrial Automation

Big Data Analytics in Healthcare

Emerging Information Sharing and Design Technologies on Robotics and Mechatronics Systems for Intelligent Manufacturing

Energy Internet

Embedded and Networked Systems for Intelligent Vehicles and Robots

Bio-inspired Embodiment for Intelligent Sensing and Dexterity in Fine Manipulations

Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Internet of Things and Big Data Analytics Applications for Healthcare Industry 4.0

Robotics for 4th Industrial Revolution


Thermographic analysis technique for monitoring and diagnosis in industrial machines and industrial facilities

Industrial and Commercial Demand Response

Advanced Mechatronics in Research and Industrial Applications

Fog Computing for Industrial Applications

Cyber-Physical Systems in Green Transportation

Applied Cryptography, Security, and Trust Computing for Industrial Internet-of-things

Deep Learning Models for Industry Informatics

5G and Beyond Mobile Technologies and Applications for Industrial IoT

Information Technology in Automation

Industrial Communication Technologies and Systems

From Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks to Industrial Internet-of-Things

Energy Informatics for Green Cities

Recent Trends and Developments in Industry 4.0 Motivated Robotic Solutions

Nature Inspired Methods in Industry Applications

Multisensor Fusion and Integration for Intelligent Systems

Cloud Computing in Smart Grid Operation and Management

Engineering Industrial Big Data Analytics Platforms for Internet of Things


Smart Grid and Renewable Energy Resources: Information and Communication Technologies with Industry Perspective

Semantic Technologies in Automation Systems

Emerging Informatics for Risk Hedging and Decision Making in Smart Grids

Systems of Power Converters: Design, Modeling, Control, and Implementation

Recent Advances in Network Big Data Analysis

Advanced Signal and Image Processing Techniques for Electric Machine and Drives Fault Diagnosis and Prognosis

New perspectives on Wireless Communications in Automation: From Industrial Monitoring and Control to Cyber-physical Systems

Smart Agents and Cyber-Physical Systems for Future Industrial Systems

Internet-of-the-Things for Smart Cities and Urban Informatics

Communications in Automation-Innovation Drivers and New Trends


Industrial Sensing Intelligence

Healthcare Systems and Technologies

New Trends in Control and Filtering of Networked Systems

Communication in Automation

Networked Energy Systems: Architectures, Communication, and Management

Digital Holography for Industrial Applications

Big Data Analytics: Risk and Operations Management for Industrial Applications

Industrial Wireless Networks: Applications, Challenges and Future Directions

Enabling Technologies and Methodologies for Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining in Smart Grids


New Trends of Demand Response in Smart Grids

Energy Efficient Technology in Sensor Networks

Distributed Data Processing

Technologies in Factory Automation

Computational Intelligence

Intelligent Energy Systems


Cyber-Physical Energy Systems

Electrification of Transportation


Ecosystem Inspired Architecture

Building Automation, Smart Homes, and Communities

Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks


Data-driven Approaches for Complex Industrial Systems

Software Engineering in Industrial Automation

Industrial Control Applications of FPGAs

Information Technologies in Smart Grids

Embedded and Reconfigurable Systems

Intelligent Sensing Fundamentals and Applications

Digital Control Systems

Distributed Computer Systems in Industry

Networked Control Systems

Power-Aware Design for Embedded Systems

ITs in Engineering Education


Soft Computing in Industrial Informatics

Enterprise Systems

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Technologies in Supply Chain Management

Real-Time and (Networked) Embedded Systems

Cyber-Physical Systems and Cooperating Objects

Intelligent Video Systems and Analytics